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The Plague of Doves - Louise Erdrich This book took me forever(!!!) to read. Not because it was dense or difficult or uninteresting... but because I started reading it on the day I got the keys to our new place. And then we had to move 1600+sqft of stuff and clean 1600+sqft of space in five days and then we were out of town for a while and then we came back to boxes upon boxes and had to go back to work... So, you see, really not the book's fault.

The writing is beautiful. I really dig the interlocking stories--being from a small town myself (though not as small as Pluto), I can really appreciate how everyone is interrelated, both by blood and other ties. A good word to describe this book is "rich"--it feels heavy with depth and the characters are all really believeable. It's definietly worth a reread. The whole time I was reading it and after I was finished I found myself musing about the characters and their lives. I really savored it :)

Anyway this book was nominated for a Pulitzer and there are a lot of great in depth reviews of it already on Goodreads and around the internet (and those were never really my forte anyway), so I'm just going to say: Basically I love what she had to say and the way she says it.