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Americanah - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie OMG! I loved this book. I have never read anything by Adichie before but I definitely, definitely will be. My library actually has all of her books, which raises my opinion of them.

I really enjoyed the writing style. It was just a pleasure to read. Even though I hardly ever mark anything in the novels I read, I marked over 100 notes in this book. Just because I liked the phrasing she used to describe a character or how she wrote about heat or feelings or just anything. It was just really well done. I fluctuated between devouring it when I should've been doing other things instead, and deliberately withholding it from myself so that it would last longer. I read it while I was brushing my teeth, I read it while I was cooking, I read it when my mom was trying to talk to me. I stayed up until 4:30am finishing it, fervently hoping that my boyfriend sleeping on the couch wouldn't wake up and ask to go to bed (he woke up seconds after I finished it, actually, when I was rereading the last couple paragraphs). One night I was trying to read it in the car, but the flashlight wasn't working. I got kind of cranky and he said darkly, "It must be a really good book..." And I snapped, "Is that a problem or something?" And he said, "Kind of, because if you really want to read it then anything that gets in the way of that makes you angry."

So other reviews will tell you about how much ground it covers, from relationships to immigration to race to hair to family to desperation to blogs and back again, but all I can really do at the moment is blubber about how much I liked it. And put holds on her other books. My expectations for this book were high and it exceeded them. In my estimation it's a masterpiece.