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Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin OMG this book! Peter really liked Stepford Wives & suggested we read this one, by the same author, right after. And, well, it is really captivating. It's been a couple days since we finished and I still find myself thinking about it a lot. The morning we finished reading it I woke up thinking about Rosemary's Baby. This guy is just a really effective writer.

I didn't really find it SCARY at all, like: it doesn't make me afraid to be alone at night, it doesn't give me jumpy feelings, I'm not scared to walk around outside or anything. But it was super suspenseful and Peter did get kind of keyed up because SOMETHING is afoot... but. Yeah. Really enjoyed it :)

Something I hear a lot about this book/movie is that it will "make you not want to have kids." It did not impact my feelings on having children at all; really what it will make you not want to do is get involved with actors. There is nothing in here that made me weary of having children; it's not pregnancy itself, childbirth itself, child rearing itself, etc that is at all creepy in this book but rather the trust between Rosemary and her husband that is completely betrayed and was definitely the worst, creepiest part for me. Make you not want to have kids? More like, makes you want to be really careful about choosing a mate who actually cares about you, who you can trust.

I also liked the ending. It was kind of anticlimactic but I thought it was funny too. The description of the baby sounds just like my cat <3 Claws, tail, horns (well they're ears I GUESS but they look like little furry horns to me)? Check! Yellow eyes with vertical slit pupils? CHECK!!!!!! We have actually started calling her Andy-Candy. </spoiler>

Anyway, awesome book!