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The Moral Molecule: The Source of Love and Prosperity - Paul J. Zak It feels like it's been forever since I posted a book review... I have been so busy with other things and when I do get a break my focus has been on stuff besides reading. :(

Anyway, this book was nothing spectacular. I learned something, which is why it got the stars it did. Apparently this guy writes for Psychology Today, which is a publication that I have no great respect for. If I'd known that when I picked it up at the library, I probably wouldn't have bothered. Alas it sounded interesting.

Was it? Well, yes and no. I feel like this subject could have been totally awesome. The writing style was accessible, but seemed to lack depth. Some of the conclusions he came to didn't seem all that well supported to me (it will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with my views that several of these conclusions focused on sex & gender)... I would imagine (hope) his actual research is a little more, er, scientific?

I do have to register my disappointment & anger with yet another "privileged white male scientist goes to Papua New Guinea; complains about yams, mud, and body odor" story that surfaced in this book. This one even included jokes about cannibalism. Mr. Zak: kindly plz don't... It ended with "so people in Papua New Guinea also have the same biologically wired hormone responses that we Westerners do!!" Even though he'd already noted that all mammals have oxytocin... What next? Do Papua New Guineans also have red blood and four chambered hearts? Might they even have...emotions?!!? Qu'est-ce que c'est?!?! I knocked off a star for that shit.