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All There Is: Love Stories from StoryCorps - Dave Isay This book seemed to have a great premise, but it fell short for me. I think that if I had heard the audio or seen a video of these people telling their stories, it would have been much more impactful. So much of the meaning of words--ESPECIALLY where emotions are concerned--comes from the facial expressions and the tone of voice. These stories aren't really "stories" in the novel sense, where you get the inside scoop on the person's expression, inner thoughts & feelings, motivations, etc--they're transcripts. And they're not really content-based, either: the content aspect is pretty much secondary to the relational aspect when it comes to love and stories about it, and yet the only aspect that we're seeing here is the content, the bare words. There were maybe three stories that stood out to me--and one of those for the novelty of it (the twin sisters getting married to the twin brothers in a double wedding) rather than the love story or the sweetness.

Also: some of these stories seemed kind of weird to me, something the person said kind of set off alarm bells that it could have been an abusive and/or codependent relationship--and those things happen all the time, but I'm not sure we should glorify them in a selectively edited book about romantic love entitled "All There Is." (I would be willing to agree with the statement that love is all there is, but there are many types of love besides romantic.)

Anyway...Studs Terkel does this kind of thing with much awesome, maybe David Isay could learn something from him?