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The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown I read this book aloud to my boyfriend Peter this summer. My dad had gotten me the illustrated edition for Christmas years and years ago--I think I was still living at home, even. As Peter said, "Now that it's no longer popular, we can read it." ;)

I don't think either of us were expecting too much so we were both really surprised by how much we liked it. It seemed really fast-paced after what we had been reading, although we both kind of resented the super-short chapters all ending with knives and guns and daring and cliffhanger-twists. It was fun to joke about, though. While we were reading it, Peter kept asking everyone we knew if they'd ever read it (most of them had, or seen the movie), so there were some fun conversations there. It's like the book equivalent of a summer blockbuster.

Peter's comments: Very fun. Surprisingly educational with the symbolism. ...With twists and turns around every chapter. History brought alive! And a hearkening of a belief showing the glimmers of a time once past. (lolol, his voice as he dictated this to me)