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Sacred Choices: The Right to Contraception nd Abortion in Ten World Religions (Sacred Energies Series) - Daniel C. Maguire This is a worthwhile read for all the new information I learned about. It's true that the most conservative, anti-choice, anti-woman sectors of religions are often the loudest. Not having grown up with any particular faith, and not being a member of any major religion, I've only heard that anti-choice contingent speaking for everyone. I was surprised to hear about the actual right to abortion in religions like Catholicism and fundamentalist Protestantism, Judaism and Islam. I was less surprised to hear about it from "gentler" religions like Buddhism and Taoism. Anyway it relayed some information that is useful and was unknown to me before. That's why I'm giving it so many stars.

At times, though, the author's tone really grated on me. Thank goodness he actually went to adherents and experts on these religions.