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Naked - David Sedaris I'd give this book 3 1/2 stars...usually I round up but this time I'm rounding down just 'cause this book already has a really high rating on Goodreads (<--inside my mind.)<br/>
I thought it was kind of dull at first. I really liked Me Talk Pretty One Day, and I think David Sedaris is a lot more funny to listen to than to read--his delivery, meter, etc. really make the stories.

And it's true what some other reviewers have said--not all the stories are that funny; I felt sad reading some of them because of the reliance on alcohol and the family dynamics, the unkind language used to describe people. Some of the stories really did make me snicker quite a bit and my boyfriend kept looking at me, hoping I would share. I obliged and would be laughing too. :) All in all, I feel it was time well spent. The guy has a lot of talent.