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Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood - Susan Linn This book was published in 2004, so I'm sure there's a lot that could be added to update it.

The author's tone in the beginning part of the book was, as other reviewers have said, somewhat annoying or melodramatic, in that it made me roll my eyes a bit. I don't know if it disappeared as I continued to read, if I got used to it, or if she presented me with enough evidence to find that tone justified...

The author suggests "limiting" TV and such. Well...yeah. I guess the average American household's television watching is through the roof or something, but as someone who was raised with hardly any television in their life, the easy answer for me is "kick the TV to the curb, that thing sucks your life away and is hardly if EVER beneficial!" I guess if you're used to television it seems like a hard thing to do, and if you're using your television as a parent, well, maybe it will be difficult. Parenting is kind of supposed to be difficult. I was just shocked that the extent the author went to was "turn the TV off during mealtimes." ?!?! Get rid of the damn thing completely! Nobody needs a television... I've spent maybe 5 years in my life total with a TV in the house, the most recently was maybe 4 years ago, and when I get around a TV these days, it's hard to even watch it, they seem ridiculous.

Anyway... the author brings up some very nauseating details of how the industry markets to children, and it would be shocking for a lot of people to know that this is going on in their homes.