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The Hero With a Thousand Faces - Joseph Campbell I started this book thinking it was totally awesome. I was highlighting almost everything and I gave my boyfriend a rave review... And then I kept reading. And fell out of love with it.

I love the concept, and I really enjoyed his writing in the beginning portion of the book. But even though he says that the hero cycle is applicable to all people, his analogies are very male-centric. Another reviewer said it best--"Also, this monomyth is by boys and for boys." If he had left out some of the more egregious examples of this (I have 6 notes in my book that just say "WTF??"), I would have definitely given this book at least four stars.

Also in the middle, near the end, he kind of loses the thread. The beginning is awesome sauce, and then he just degenerates into spitting out myths with no analysis and whatever the myth or story is doesn't seem to have much connection to the heading of the chapter or section. He was just quoting from myth after myth at length, and that is cool in an anthology of myth, but not really so much when I was actually reading it for his viewpoint or take on things.

There was a lot of this book that I really liked--loved, even. It is super fascinating and I took hundreds of notes out of it. It probably deserves a higher rating, but I read it at a time in my life when there were so many other demands on my time that the whole "losing his thread" thing, while normally forgivable, really irked me.