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Being Nikki - Meg Cabot I don't really want to rate this book because whatever rating I give it will not be a good reflection of how I feel about it. This book contains a lot of things I am not particularly fond of. Underdeveloped characters, full of cliches, I could see some of the plot coming from a mile away (although she did have one good "twist" in there that did surprise me). But for some reason, I just couldn't get enough. I want to read Runaway sooo bad, but my library doesn't have it. DJFLKDFL!!! It was a lot better than I remember the prequel Airhead being, at least in keeping my interest. I read it in two sittings, one of about 100 pages and the other was the remainder of the book. It is totally a guilty pleasure thing for me, and I get sucked in. But it is very enjoyable.