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Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities - Alexandra Robbins There wasn't really anything very shocking or secret in this book... at least nothing I couldn't have guessed anyway. It was a quick, easy read. The author said that she wanted to write about women treating other women poorly. And, I mean, I guess she did in a way but it wasn't really discussed or analyzed hardly at all. I think she kind of blew it there. One time she comes close to doing it and actually says something like, "That would be too complex for this right now." It's like, um...why? It would have been so much more interesting to actually talk about it and discuss the problem in depth rather than just say, "Whitney said this, then Sabrina walked there, blah blah blah." I wish she had really gone more down the analytical path, rather than just relate what is basically reads like a young adult fiction story about four different girls and their sorority experiences.