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Airhead - Meg Cabot I couldn't decide between 3 and 4 stars, so I went ahead and did 4 because this was a pretty nice piece of fluff.

When I first heard the premise, I was thinking it'd be like that Disney movie they used to play on TV all the time several years back, Wish Upon a Star. Which was kinda bad and which I loved. So...yeah, it was kind of like that.

It's Meg Cabot, so come on, nobody's really expecting anything deep. Yes, there are unbelievable parts. For example,
Why does she feel comfortable telling Lulu who she is, but she can't risk it for her "true love" Christopher? I'm sure he'd be so glad to have his best friend back that she could count on him not to reveal it, and why would he want to anyway? He seems chillax, y0. I just thought it was stupid how she would so easily let go of any notion of telling him who she was. It just didn't seem like the "forces" holding her back were all that strong, so it kinda made me roll my eyes. But whatevs.

Anyway, I read it in a couple of hours and it was quite enjoyable, so it has served its purpose well. Can't wait to read the sequel!