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The Lady of the House - Sally Stanford I saw this book at the library once and thought it looked interesting, but I passed it up. When I went back, there it was again, and I decided to read it. So she's a madam-turned-mayor? That has to be interesting, right?!

Well, partly. By page 30, she'd been married twice and done a stint in jail for fraud (even though she was a minor). Those are things that should be pretty interesting to hear about, but really, they weren't. It didn't get much better from there.

She has many, many interesting stories and if I'd known her, I'm sure I would've liked her (besides her super materialism and some of her more dubious claims). However, she is just not a good writer. The stories were at times entertaining, but they were never engaging. It wasn't really like a real person behind them; it was, "This person did this. And then this person did that. Oh and then THIS person, well he was a character, here's a two paragraph long story about him before we move on to someone else." There was no progression, and while she said she learned oh so much from her stint as a madam, she failed to share any of her insights.

Another something odd--on one page, she gets married. Her husband has to explain to her what sex even IS, and she's disgusted and runs out on him. She refuses to believe that women "do that" or something. So then his family doesn't like her and labels her as a madam, so she just decides to be. No talk at all of how she got from being like, "OMG SEX EW GROSS" to y'know, RUNNING A BROTHEL. It just *~*~happened~*~*~ and somehow she knew how to do everything perfectly. Also, she keeps saying, "Women need to act more like whores if they want to keep their men around"... yet she wouldn't have sex until she was married. Which happened like 8 times by the way. Oh sure, that makes sense. ?!