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Children of God Go Bowling - Shannon Olson So, probably actually like 2.5 stars, but I'm rounding up 'cause I'm nice.

Um, I don't know, it was okay, not great. Chick lit, basically: thirtysomething girl wants a boyfriend and kids and whines about it for approximately 300 pages, wondering if perhaps her long time college friend is "the one." The main character complains about not being able to "afford" a place that has a washer/dryer, but she visits two different therapists every week. ?! She also didn't really seem to have any problem, besides loneliness and some sort of "problem" or "dependence" on her mom. I'm all for therapy when it helps, but seriously?

It also tried to touch on some more "serious" issues, but was really not very deep at all. That part felt rushed, and even then, the main character paid more attention to her own imagined problems than what was really important.

It did have some parts that made me chuckle, though, and that hardly ever happens, so...yay.