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The Kingdom of Auschwitz - Otto Friedrich At barely 100 pages, this book--actually a chapter from a larger work so more accurately an essay--is a very easily accomplished read. As you may guess from the title, its focus is Auschwitz, and it goes over the orders to start building this death camp to the evacuation when the Red Army approached. It's very concise, and never lingers on one thing for too long--although having read it and learned more information about these goings on, I am interested in learning more. The book was so engrossing that I felt--I don't know, almost sadistic myself for wanting to read more and more about it. Nonetheless, I believe it's very important to look into these matters, if only to realize that these horrendous acts can be committed without compunction by normal people--if not a certain person in particular, then by many others in our species who are not so different from us.