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How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America - Cristina Page My boyfriend requested that we read this book together, which is why it took so long to finish! I didn't find it to be too dated--it did only come out in 2004, I don't think THAT much has changed in 3 years, and the changes that have happened just go along with the whole theme of the book.

I knew pretty much all the information already, although there were a few things that I'm glad I learned. That said, it would have been a good, fast read if it hadn't been for the boyfriend. It was entertaining and well-researched, all her arguments were easy to understand. There were several examples or stories of crazy anti-choice organizations that could have been left out to make way for more cool information, but I guess they really did hammer the point home.

I think my boyfriend enjoyed it a lot more than I did since so much of the information was new to him.