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Approaching Democracy

Approaching Democracy - Larry A Berman,  Bruce Allen Murphy This book was a lot of garbage. It had tons of typos (things like double commas,, misplaced apostrophe's, spaces in between words and punctuation , misspellnigs on almost every page). But more importantly (to me), it contained factual inaccuracies and partial truths, things that you might catch if you're vigilant & thinking critically but would probably wash over you otherwise. It's a college textbook and it's just inexcusable to fill a textbook for a required course--often the only course that a given student will take on our government--with that kind of trash. I feel like this wouldn't happen so much if there wasn't a huge rush to get out THE NEXT EDITION OMG or something.

Anyway, I gave it two stars because I bought it with scholarship money and when the class was over I was able to sell it for $70 and I bought myself an awesome fountain pen and a set of Beatrix Potter postcards with that money, so I associate this book with free fountain pens & postcards, which are some of my favorite things...