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The Zen of Eating

The Zen of Eating - Ronna Kabatznick I suppose this is a decent book; I just didn't really feel like it resonated with me personally. I would recommend it to people who diet a lot, though.

As I said in my update, the author assumes you're into crazy crash or fad dieting, a category that I am not even close to being in. I'm guessing this has do with the author's long stint working for Weight Watchers. I guess it makes sense that a lot of people who pick up a book about "ancient answers to modern weight problems" would be into diet & weight loss, but I was looking more to just learn more about relationships with food.

I think it's a great idea to use the eightfold path to help people overcome eating problems. It's really not hard to see the connection or to apply Buddhism to eating habits; it seems pretty straightforward and completely applicable, actually. And that's where the book shines as a concept. I think the questions and exercises at the end of all the chapters would be particularly useful--I mean, none of these ideas work unless you actually take the time and attention to apply them, and not just read about them (a point the author does make).

I found all the little "stories" to be pretty hokey and kind of annoying. A few here and there would maybe be helpful to illustrate a point--but the author trots out totally contrived "stories" every page or more, and they each get their own little "section" of the book, complete with a title header, and most of them are, like, 2-3 paragraphs. I was rolling my eyes hardcore at that.