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Life After God

Life After God - Douglas Coupland 3 1/2 stars.

I liked this book. I enjoyed reading it. I personally disagree with a lot of his premise--the "ideas" he asserts--but I find it an interesting perspective nonetheless. It seems that this book--Coupland in general--really resonates with some people and they just love him; meanwhile, if the book doesn't resonate, many people just hate his stuff. Like I say, this book didn't really strike a chord with me in that I saw myself or anyone I know in it, but I feel like it is valuable in that a lot of people do go through life feeling this way. Some parts really made me laugh...a lot. And he's a decent writer. I would reread some of these stories again. Plus the time-investment into this volume was really quite minimal, which counts in its favor for me at the moment. :)