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Rachel Joyce
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In the Name of Honour

In the Name of Honour: A Memoir - Mukhtar Mai Mukhtar Mai is a fucking hero! I love her so much!

I read this book in a day--it's 170 pages but the print is large and the pages are fairly small in my edition. It's an easy read when it comes to language--it's the subject matter that's difficult. This book probably wouldn't win any awards for prose, but keep in mind it's been translated three times from Mai's language. I just can't give her story any less than 5 stars. What a wonderful woman she is. I know if I had gone through her position, being granted amnesty from another country would be my first order of business, but she continually refuses--in order to make things better in her own village. Not only is she strong, she's so courageous and kind. <3