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Am I a Hindu?: The Hinduism Primer

Am I A Hindu? The Hinduism Primer - Ed Viswanathan I found this book in the young adult section of my library. I really enjoyed this book. The only real drawback to it is that sometimes he goes into detail where he doesn't really need to, and doesn't go far enough with some of the questions that his "14 year old son" (dude, I want a 14 year old son like that...) asks him. I found so much good information in this book that I'm sure I'll be looking up more information on all the stuff I wrote down from it on the internet for months...

Although I did not like all the explanations for things, I realize that he was approaching it from a "traditional" Hindu viewpoint. As he says time and time again, Hinduism is a very open minded religion, there is a lot of room for interpretation with many of the ideas contained, and within Hinduism you will find many schools of thought that disagree with one another. I especially liked his comparisons of Hindu ideas with scientific and Christian ones.