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Rachel Joyce
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War and Children: A Reference Handbook

War and Children - Kendra E. Dupuy, Krijn Peters, Ishmael Beah This book actually isn't by Ishmael Beah (he wrote the foreword), it's by Kendry Dupuy & Krijn Peters.

The subtitle of this book describes it as a "handbook" and on Amazon, part of the description reads, "Recommended. Upper-division undergraduates and higher." So I guess it's an academic book that tries to introduce to peacebuilders or social workers the kinds of things they should be aiming for in war-torn regions. I think that's why I didn't like the last chapters--I would give the first 3 chapters of this book 5 stars, but the rest of it I don't really have much use for. It wasn't that it wasn't good, useful information; it's just that I don't personally have a use for it. The first few chapters were very interesting and I was pretty much riveted as though it was a mystery novel or something. The last two chapters were more along the lines of instructions on rebuilding society.