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John Steinbeck
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Rachel Joyce
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Ellen J. Prager

India, My Love

India, My Love - Osho This book is a compilation of excerpts from Osho's other work and talks, divided into loose chapters like "The Universal Dream" and "Golden Spires of Consciousness." I like most everything he has to say, the stories and parables I enjoy especially. The reason it only gets four stars is that there are different works being quoted side by side (with only footnotes to indicate it) and many of the quotes are from talks he gave...and people aren't always as precise when they're speaking as when they're writing. It just led to a disjointed kind of feel as different paragraphs were taken out of context and put by other paragraphs that were taken out of context, which led to some seeming contradictions. Besides that though (which I deducted a star for), content gets 5 stars.