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Rape Girl - Alina Klein This is a super short book but I have to say I was pretty pleased with it. My library didn't have it--of course--and I requested it through the inter-library loan system but they purchased a copy using something called the ZIP program. I'm not sure I understand what it does entirely, but I do know that if you request a book through ILL, if there is a copy online available for $10 or less they will purchase it using ZIP funds. I don't know what happens to the books after I turn them in since so far none of them have actually made their way into my library's catalog...which is annoying. Anyway I think I am going to have A TALK with the librarians when I turn in this book about maybe keeping this book or putting it on their list of books to get or buying it for them myself if they promise to shelve it. Of course this a library that THROWS AWAY thousands of perfectly good books every week, so... (It's a great place to dumpster dive--I have gotten the most awesome books & collage materials--but it's really an atrocity and I wish they wouldn't.)

So, oh yeah, this book. It dealt with a problem that is both super prevalent and unfortuantely misunderstood in an accessible and engaging way. It's true to life and examines many things that go along with rape--the triggers, the guilt, the victim-blaming, the "oh but what about the poor rapist's future" garbage, the way schools/institutions will protect the rapists over the victims, and just all around rape culture. I spend a lot of time both following rape cases in the news and critiquing rape culture with other feminists online; also talking to people in the flesh about violence against women and other oppressed groups, both physical and systemic. Although I would have liked to see some changes/additions, I have to say that overall I really approve of the way Klein handled the issue. I would love to see my library carry this book. I live in a drinking town and I often hear slut-shaming and have myself been harrassed on the street many times and assaulted on dancefloors. I know I am not the only one and have in fact gotten off "easy." I've had to call the police a few times when I've seen incidents of stalking, threats, and violence. For a while there we had a guy (a physician!) picking girls off the street, drugging them and raping them in his car. Anyway...my point is... rape culture is extremely prevalent and this book does a good job at showing how wrong it is. I think it would be really beneficial to have it in the library. I think it would be educational for the general public, and supportive & healing for victims/survivors.

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