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If This Is Love Why Do I Feel So Insecure? - Carl G. Hindy, J. Conrad Schwartz, Archie Brodsky I got this book for someone else and I wasn't planning on reading it myself but I started reading the first chapter and couldn't put it down. They sucked me in with their sordid stories..."case studies," pshaw, it was better than daytime TV.

It was written by a couple of behavioral therapists and it all seems pretty solid. It's not really "self help"-y, it's more just informational. I think just about anybody could benefit from reading this book--we're social creatures who value relationships. If you don't suffer from insecure attachment yourself, it probably won't be long until you meet someone who does...

It's a pretty insightful book, they don't really make judgments, just try to lay out some ground rules for help. And the case studies are seriously engrossing.