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More Terrible Than Death: Drugs, Violence, and America's War in Colombia - Robin Kirk This was a very informative book. It did cover massacres, it touched on drugs, and I really could have done with more of America's war. It was more Columbian history and current events than anything.

I'm really glad that I read this book and it had loads of information, but I'm only giving it four stars for a couple of reasons:
1. It was hard to follow in parts. I think I'm pretty good at following what authors say, and sometimes I found myself going, "Huh?!?!" Maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention, but she seemed to throw a ton of names out there with little to no explanation on who they were. Sometimes I felt she got sidetracked and it just confused me in some parts.
2. She kept saying that Americans are fueling the cocaine problem in Columbia with their "consumer habits." She never really supported it with any evidence, she just seemed to be blaming the whole situation on cokeheads, ignoring the fact that cocaine is both illegal and a powerful addiction. It just annoyed me how she kept saying "American consumer habits" and "American consumer culture needs to change," even though only 2-3% of the population uses it, with around than .5% of the population using the majority of it. It felt like she was trying to guilt me into "changing my ways" even though I've never even SEEN cocaine.

Anyway, minor gripes. Overall it was a good book.