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Ellen J. Prager
Drug Crazy: How We Got into This Mess and How We Can Get Out - Mike Gray This is a pretty entertaining book about the history of our drug war and prohibition. Although I knew most of the things in it already, the author wrote about it in an engaging way and I learned a lot of new stuff anyway. The way the author ties these times to the era of alcohol prohibition is especially enlightening, as well as the explanations of how smarter countries have dealt with the situation. The author also explains how the drug war now reaches into a huge amount of lives, both as a basis for degrading human rights and as a race war, and corrupts almost everything it touches. There's some great stuff in here that I wish were common knowledge--of course if it were, drugs would already be decriminalized and we'd have way safer streets & neighborhoods.

I would say it's a pretty good introduction for everyone who has not yet learned about the horrors of America's "war on drugs."